How far can a she go?

Spoiling a child is never good and will not help the children while she/he is growing.  This is what I have observed from my aunt.  I stayed at their house for five days now and I can tell that their kids do not show any love and respect to them as parents.  Too much love from their kids make them act like they are rich.  My cousins do not like to do any household chores.  And this is purely an example of a spoiling a child instead of teaching them to become a responsible person.  Hearing them how they argue to their parents make me sad because they do not treat their parents part.  My aunt does all the household chores and even doing their laundry.  A big mistake for she raised an irresponsible kids.

Indeed a parents played a big role in molding their kids to become a responsible and a good person.  It is good to spoil a child but not to the extend of giving them any reason to disrespect you as parent especially if they did not get what they wanted.  To raise a child well, is to teach them to do things to make them a responsible one.

I do not know who far can my aunt goes to be like this. Her kid doesn’t respect her at all but still she is allowing it.  I hope that my aunt will wake up and stop those things she is doing for years because her kids are old enough to do their things and be a responsible one because they already have a family of  their own.

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