Car seat for your child

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Accidents do happen on the day that we less expected it.  That is why it is best for us to be ready always.  When you are driving your own car with your child on board, it is right to the car seat for them.  The car seat is needed to prevent the child from being hurt when car crash occurs.  Of course, we do not want an accident to happen, but as they say, prevention is better than cure, and that we should be ready always.  Is it better to be safe than sorry right?  The seatbelt is not enough to ensure the safety of the child on board.

We need to protect our family always especially the kids while on board.  We should know how to install the car seat.  Good thing the are there to help us.  Upon installing the car seats, they used the Latch System also, investigating the latch system to make sure it is properly installed.  You do not need to worry for they have certified child passenger technicians to help you out with the car seat checks.  We should think of the family especially the child safety first, and so car seat check is the first thing to do before hitting the road.  Also, for us to have a safe trip.

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On Red Alert

The series of bombings incidents happens in some part of Mindanao.  It is so alarming especially now that the city will celebrates the Kadayawan Festival.  These series of bombing made the people so scared and now hesitant if they are going to witness the activities at the city for the Kadayawan Festival celebration.  I am scared to go and witness the celebration and take photos that I could share to friends.  In fact I am planning to bring the kids with me like what I did last year, but I am afraid I won’t be able to do to it this time.  It is safer to stay at home and watch the live coverage on television.

  However, the city Mayor is doing his best to secure the safety of the people as well as the tourist.  The city is now on red alert.  There are several check points before anybody can enter the city.  There are rumours that the next target would be the city.  I do hope and pray that no bad thing happens on the day of the festival.  So the people, tourists and visitors will enjoy and will have a good memory watching the activities.  Let us pray for everybody’s safety.  God bless the city and the people.

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