My Kadayawan Festival Experienced

Last week the city celebrates the Kadayawan Festival.  The festival that the City of Davao celebrates to give thanks for the bountiful harvest.  This is one event that the people of Davao City is waiting for annually.  This festival is very special to me because once I experienced the street dancing.  It was one of the most memorable moments of my high school life.  Seeing street dancing during the Kadayawan Festival brings back the time when I was there dancing with people watching and do not mind the heat of the sun.  It was tiring and thirsty experienced but worth it I must say.  And I will treasure that experienced forever.

Anyways, the memories brings back again because its Kadayawan Festival again.  I witness the street dancing with my friend.  Too bad I was not able to watch all of the participants because I get busy at home.  I make sure to finish all the chores at home before going out.  Also, get the kids settle first because I will be around to look for them.  The city is so colorful because of the colorful costumes of the participants.  It was really nice watching the kids dancing on the street smiling even under the heat of the sun.  The contenders/participants now are really doing their best to win the first prize.  Yes, the street dancing is a contest.  Being able to dance and make people happy while watching is a priceless moment, they are all winners to be able to participate.  Kudos to everyone!  Till nest Kadayawan Festival.

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