First time typhoon experience

Typhoon is not new to me because we have experienced it many times already back when I was in the province of my parents.  I know what it’s like so I am not that scared after hearing about the typhoon Pablo that will be going to heat the Mindanao part of the country.  Even though I have experienced typhoon already, it is my first time to experience typhoon herein Davao City.  The country is experiencing several typhoons in a year, but Mindanao provinces are seldom hit especially Davao City.  We are so blessed because we spared from those floods, flash flood, and other disasters brought by typhoon/storm.

December 4, 2012, typhoon Pablo expected to landfall in Mindanao provinces.  There are lots of advisory and news to make the people aware of the super typhoon Pablo.  Weather reports about the typhoon does helps the affected areas to get ready as well as the evacuation areas.  Some are already in the evacuation areas to keep their family safe.  However, the typhoon changed its direction and hit the other part of Mindanao.  People living in the affected areas caught unaware that cause hundreds of houses were swept by flash foods, roofs were swept away, trees were fell, and the water rise up so fast.  And the worse is that many lives buried alive.

Even if the incident is so painful for the people of the affected areas, I hope that they will still look at the bright side of everything.  I hope that they will continue living and moving on.  Though it is not easy and so painful especially those family members buried alive.  Still life is a wonderful journey.  Things like this is part of trials in life, the most important is that how we are going to stand up and continue living after the painful trials and difficulties we have met.

To my countrymen, just keep the faith and hold on to God because He knows, He listens and He will always be there for us.  The pain and the tears will wipe away soon.

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Finally out of the country

To let the people know about the coming typhoon that will hit the country, lots of warnings and advisory in local and national news were spread.  This is to make the people aware so that they can prepare for possible calamities that the typhoon will bring.  However, even though there were warnings and advisory still there were accident happens on the sea.  One vessel sunk and the cost guards are still doing their job rescuing the survivors and the missing passengers.  Land slide in some part of the country and also, fishermen who went fishing were missing on the sea.  The rescuers are also try to find them.  Even though the chances are small, still they are hoping to find them.

Just this morning, I heard in the news that the typhoon “Butchoy” is out of the country.  Thanks God, the typhoon did not leave any serious damage like other typhoons does in the past.  But before “Butchoy” finally leave the country, it leaves flood on some part of the country that caused the cancellation of classes today.  Other than that, the typhoon is now heading for Japan.  I do hope “Butchoy” will not leave serious damage there and no more life will be stole.  May God Bless the world.

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Hope we learn

The country is always hit by typhoons and super typhoons each year.  People have been experiencing flooding, lost of homes, other properties and lives.  The same old story peoples are experiencing.  But seems like we never learn for this distraction happens over and over again.  Makes me realize if we ever learned from those passed calamities.  After the typhoon is gone, people will built the same kind of house in the same area.  If they only have a choice they will prefer to build a house in a safe place or built a strong and safe house.

It is so sad how much distraction did the two typhoons hit the country a week ago.  It breaks my heart seeing the situation of the survivors and victims on the news.  They need more help of medicines because many are sick in the evacuation area especially kids.   I wish the government will give some time to do their best to be of big help to the victims.  This is the best time to show that they care to those people who voted for them and give their trust to them.  The country is never learn from the previous distraction caused by typhoon.

I really do hope the citizen of this country learned from this for us to do something about prevention and lessen the distraction.  The government should make an action for the people to follow.

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One after the Other

The country is experiencing heavy rains and floods in some areas because of the series of typhoons that’s been hitting the country last month and on the first day of this month.  Although the country and the people are used to lots of typhoons in a year still caught unaware. But not used to hit by two typhoons at the same time.  Many areas are still in water particularly areas in the north.  Classes are suspended; many are not able to go to their works, farm and home because of the floods.

Since there is another typhoon coming some residents decided to just stay in the evacuation area for another days till it’s time to go back to their houses.  It is never easy to be hit by typhoon one after the other.  The good thing is that affected residents still manage to smile despite their current situation.  The one of the weapons to inspire them to go on moving and keep the faith that all will be over and sun will come out to bring light and bright to their lives.  Every storm has an ending and a new beginning to offer.  Embrace the new tomorrow because rainbow will shine and bring colors to our lives.

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