Hope we learn

The country is always hit by typhoons and super typhoons each year.  People have been experiencing flooding, lost of homes, other properties and lives.  The same old story peoples are experiencing.  But seems like we never learn for this distraction happens over and over again.  Makes me realize if we ever learned from those passed calamities.  After the typhoon is gone, people will built the same kind of house in the same area.  If they only have a choice they will prefer to build a house in a safe place or built a strong and safe house.

It is so sad how much distraction did the two typhoons hit the country a week ago.  It breaks my heart seeing the situation of the survivors and victims on the news.  They need more help of medicines because many are sick in the evacuation area especially kids.   I wish the government will give some time to do their best to be of big help to the victims.  This is the best time to show that they care to those people who voted for them and give their trust to them.  The country is never learn from the previous distraction caused by typhoon.

I really do hope the citizen of this country learned from this for us to do something about prevention and lessen the distraction.  The government should make an action for the people to follow.

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