Vaccination Orientation

The school where my nephew is studying was conducting a vaccination orientation to all the parents.  This is to help the parents how important it is to their child for protection and prevention.  The parents were asked to bring the baby book of their child to see the vaccination the kid has when they are still babies.  The orientation is indeed very helpful because lots of information has been given and discussed.  The orientation lasted for almost five hours.  Five long hours but it is worth it because the parents are educated on the importance of vaccination to their kids.  As they say, Health is Wealth, so it is very important to take good care of our health always.

The school will give three (3) more vaccination for the kids.  It is for free so everybody must grab this once in a lifetime opportunity.  Though they can have these vaccinations anytime at the pediatrician/doctors, they must pay for it and it is a bit expensive.  The said free vaccination is to be announced once the schedule is fixed.  We will give first the baby book of my nephew so they can see my nephew’s vaccination records.  I am really glad the school offers this kind of opportunity.

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Tips to Keep Your HVAC System Working Perfectly

You need to have a functioning HVAC system in order for you to make it through hot summers and cold winters comfortably. All machines will break down occasionally. However, there are some things you can do to minimize the amount of times that your HVAC system has mechanical problems. You need to know the right way to operate your machine correctly. Otherwise, you will find that it is having problems on a regular basis. Here are some useful tips that every person with an HVAC unit should know by heart.

1. Do not make your house too hot or too cool.

There is no need to make your home feel like a freezer in the summer or an oven in the winter. Adjust the temperature in your home to the point that it is comfortable. However, do not go to extremes in either direction where the temperature is concerned. Keeping your HVAC system set to a more mild temperature will have a couple of advantages. First of all, it will not put as much of a strain on the system. This means that there is less of a likelihood the unit will break down. Secondly, your energy bill will be much lower each month.

2. Have a professional HVAC repair technician perform regular maintenance on your unit.

You probably take your car to a mechanic on a regular basis to have maintenance performed. This is a good routine to get into because you are being proactive. You should take the same approach when it comes to your HVAC system. Have a technician come to your home twice each year who performs AC repair Williamsburg VA. This person will check out all of the various aspects of your unit to make sure everything is running at peak efficiency. He will also look for any problems that you have not detected yet. Being proactive can save you a lot of money on repairs.

3. Set your HVAC system to turn off while you are at work and turn on before you get home.

Most of the modern HVAC systems have timing controls. Therefore, you have the ability to determine when the unit will turn on and shut off. You can have the unit shut off when you leave for work. Set the unit to turn on again roughly 30 minutes prior to the time you usually get home. Your home will be a comfortable temperature when you arrive.

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Reina Hispanoamericana – Filipinas 2017

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The much-awaited coronation night of the Miss World Philippines 2017 happens last Sunday, September 3, 2017.  The coronation night was opened by a production number of the 36 beautiful and lovely candidates from different provinces and cities in the Philippines.  The stage is very nice and fabulous.  Many say that, so far it was the most awesome coronation night that the Miss World has ever had.  I have watched this beauty pageant for years and for me it is indeed an awesome coronation night, starts from the very nice stage and the gorgeous and stunning candidates.  And of course, the supporters who made the night even more exciting for everybody especially to the candidates.

I watched the coronation night on television (delayed telecast).  I am rooting for the woman representing the city of Paranaque, Teresita Ssen “winwyn” Marquez.  She is not from my province but I like her very much.  She is witty, stunning, sexy and pretty.  I must say she is a complete package.  I like her since she joined Binibining Pilipinas 2015, unfortunately, she did not win any crown.  In Miss World Philippines 2017 pageant, she is the candidate to watch, a strong contender I must say.  Though she did not bag the Miss World Philippines 2017 crown, she bagged the Reina Hispano Americana Filipinas 2017.  And she will still represent the country in Bolivia for the Reina HispanoAmericana 2017.  It’s the first time for the country to send a representative in this prestigious beauty pageant in Latin America and Teresita Ssen Marquez is the first candidate to represent the country.  I am pretty sure that she will do her best to win the crown and make another history for the country in the field of a beauty pageant.  And prove to everybody that she deserves the crown.  Also, congratulations to Laura Victoria Lehmann for winning the Miss World Philippines 2017 crown.

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Six Place Finish

The Sea Games 2017 held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is about to end.  After almost 2 weeks of completing the country, Philippines finished in six place.  The country is competing for 39 events and got 24 gold as of today.  The athletes are giving their best for the country.  I’ve watched the coverage of the games online and on live coverage on television.  There were upsets on the athletes that are expected to bring a medal for the country and it is sad that they failed.  But they give all their might it’s just that it is not their lucky day.  Athletes cried because they failed and that is normal I guess.  I even felt like crying for them too.  Better luck next time so to speak.

The next Sea Games will be on 2019 and the host country is my country, Philippines.  I am looking forward to the next Sea Games.  The athletes have two years to practice before the competition.  I do hope that the country will send more athletes to compete to have bigger chances of bringing more medals for the country.  I am also looking forward to the volleyball national team, they are strong and have the will to win just that their opponents are more ready than them.  Hopefully, they will do their best in the next Sea Games and recruits more players that can smash the ball better.  I prayed that on the 2019 Sea Games, the country will have finished on first place.

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